what to see & do

Live experiencing, Learn participating, Enjoy playing

The visitors will have the unique opportunities to visually see displays and reenactments of activities from the past relevant to farming and non-existent traditional occupations including methods of producing local goods, authentic tools and other items which were used by the farmers in their daily productive lives.

In this way, they can live and experience skills such as:
  • Traditionally producing bread (from threshing wheat to baking) and local foods
  • Production of dairy products (local cheeses) and the process of milking
  • Preparing sweets from local fruits, using traditional methods
  • Harvesting and collecting wild herbs, utilizing an Herb Essential Oil Distiller, and soap making
  • Production of lime made by heating limestone
  • Traditional charcoal making
  • Cultivation of crops
  • Presentation of shoe making, carpentry and blacksmith skills
  • Traditional sewing of local costumes and broadloom weaves
  • Making pottery