Dear friends and compatriots HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We would like the crowdfunding of our project “Kaminari” to be a social experiment. In other words, to find out whether, on the one hand, we, the citizens of Greece, are really aware of our situation and on the other hand, to seek the hope to get away of the deadlock the financial crisis has created.

This experiment, in terms of globalization, is expected to give us the real clues and figures, the conclusions on four fundamental questions.

  1. Whether the contemporary social networking are as effective for the Greek projects as for the foreign ones, or the decline of the Greek economy has forced us out of the international market, depriving us from our convincing ability.
  2. Whether local communities – in case of “ Kaminari” , Malona village- and generally speaking, people of the island of Rhodes, who wiil be the ones mostly benefited from this investment, are going to support and contribute this project or be indifferent and negative.
  3. Whether our compatriots in Diaspora, the ones of the first, the second, or the third generation feel their own duty to contribute in any way so that projects like this assist their home place to be developed or not.
  4. And finally, whether we are honest with each other or not. Whether we really feel that the only hope left is a society of collaboration, synergy, solidarity. A society which converts the “ I “ person into “ WE”.

We truly thank our friends who supported our project these first ten days.

The perks, apart from what has already been offered, will include some extra surprise-gifts, relevant to the country each donator comes from and they will be announced when this campaign comes to the end.

We are looking for synergies! Send us an e-mail at if you would like to get involved.

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