Kaminari dimitris

Thank you for your support so far!

Dear friends and compatriots!

We have finally been to the home stretch to complete our project KAMINARI- Nature and Culture Park in the area of Malona and design to open it on April,1st.

Having been convinced that we have nothing any more to wait from the banking system in our country, we use the INDIEGOGO platform to promote our project and its financial support through crowdfunding in order to complete it. We rely on the support of you, our good friends.

We hope that you will be by our side in order to complete this project in our village and make our dream a reality. You can use the link to find all the possible ways you can fund us and choose the most suitable for you.

We would really appreciate the distribution of our proposal to your friends and cooperatives who may also have the financial ability to support us.

We thank all of you in advance for your support and it will be a great pleasure of us to include your names into the list with the friends who have become the cornerstones of this project and helped us complete it.

My kindness regards Dimitris Koukoulas

We are looking for synergies! Send us an e-mail at info@kaminari.gr if you would like to get involved.

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